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Our clinic offers a range of routine and non-routine surgical services, including:

  • dog spays and neuters
  • cat spays and neuters
  • soft tissue surgery (such as lump removal, bladder stone removal, etc.)
  • basic orthopedic surgery (such as cruciate ligament rupture repair)


Prior to surgery, we perform an examination to ensure your pet is a good candidate for sedation or general anesthesia.  We offer optional pre-anesthetic blood testing, and highly recommend this testing for our mature-aged patients.


During surgery, your pet's vital signs are closely monitored by our registered Animal Health Technologist.  This is assisted further with electronic monitors that measure your pet's blood pressure, oxygen levels in the blood, heart rate, and temperature.  We use a heated surgery table and padding to ensure your pet's temperature is stable during anesthesia.


Following surgery, your pet is closely monitored and kept comfortable with post-surgical pain control and warmth.  We will call to give you an update on your pet's recovery from surgery.  When you arrive to pick up your pet, we will discuss the post-surgical plan and care for your pet, and answer all your questions.  We will even contact you the next day to check-in and see how your pet is doing.


Veterinary surgery specialists are also available for referral cases if your pet requires more advanced surgical treatment.  There are several specialists in the city, and are easily accessible.