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Dental Health

Dental disease is one of the most common medical conditions seen by veterinarians. Over 80% of dogs and over 67% of cats over the age of three have active dental disease.

Few pets show obvious signs of dental disease, so it is up to the pet's family and veterinarian to uncover this hidden and often painful condition.


The most common dental problems seen in dogs are:

  • periodontal diseases (inflammation or infection of the tissues surrounding the teeth), and
  • fractured teeth.

The most common dental problems seen in cats are:

  •  periodontal disease,
  • gingivitis, and
  • cervical neck lesions, also called oral resorptive lesions.


We offer comprehensive oral and dental health assessments.  This is performed under general anesthesia, where we can perform:

  • examinations of the oral cavity and tissues to assess for pathology
  • exploration and charting of the teeth and gums
  • x-ray imaging of the tooth roots and jaw bone below the gumline
  • extractions of diseased teeth
  • removal of tartar with ultrasonic and hand scaling
  • polishing the surface of the teeth